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NEHS proudly salutes our service men and women...past, present and future. ROTC
Our program here has a long history of excellence led by our Senior Naval Science Instructor, Commander Chad West, and our Naval Science Instructor, Senior Chief Kent Malone.  Each year, our cadets go through an inspection called the Annual Military Inspection (AMI).  This inspection is conducted by the Navy to ensure that each NJROTC unit operates and maintains the Navy's standards.  The semi-formal inspection consists of an armed Color Guard, unarmed drill, armed basic drill, and an individual personnel inspection. Last year, our cadets received the Unit Achievement Award, and they plan to be a Distinguished Unit this year. Also, last year at state competition our cadets competed in air rifles, academics, drills, and soon-to-be drones.  They received 2nd place overall in the state. These cadets are a great example of leadership on our campus, and we are so proud of them.To see a video about
our NJROTC program, click the link on the right. 
History of NJROTC
The NJROTC program was established by Public Law in 1964. The NJROTC curriculum
emphasizes citizenship and leadership development, as well as our maritime heritage, the significance of sea power, and naval topics such as the fundamentals of naval operations, seamanship, navigation, and meteorology. The NJROTC program came to Northeast Lauderdale in 1970. We received the Unit Achievement Award last year. We plan to be a Distinguished Unit this year. Our Senior Naval Science instructor is Commander Chad West and our Naval Science Instructor is Senior Chief Kent Malone. Last year the NJROTC went to the
state competition and placed 2nd Overall in the State. We compete in air rifles, academics,
drills, and soon-to-be drones.