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Military Family Resources

Welcome to Northeast Lauderdale High School and Lauderdale County School District!

We are very thankful for the partnership we have with NAS Meridian and Mississippi Air National Guard base at Keyfield. The Military and Family Life Counseling Program supports service members, their families, and survivors with non-medical counseling worldwide. Trained to work with the military community, military and family life counselors deliver valuable face-to-face counseling services, briefings, and presentations to the military community both on and off the military installation and on school campuses.  Our Military and Family Life Counselor, Ms. Kendra Blakely, offers a Tuesday morning group for all military students. For more information please contact:


Ms. Kendra Blakely, MS, LPC, NCC

Military & Family Life Counselor

Email: [email protected]

Office number:  601.490.4918



Ms Kendra

















Ms. Threatt

For any school-based mental health services, please contact

Claire Threatt

Northeast Lauderdale High School Counselor

E-Mail: [email protected]

Office Number:  601.679.8523


Ms. Threatt also works alongside our partners at Weems Community

Mental Health Services. Below you will find a link to information pertaining

to these services.

Weems Community Mental Health Services


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